About Us


Memories Pet Loss Center is part of the Genesis Memorial Group. The Genesis Memorial Group is comprised of five funeral homes from the Cedar Valley area. This group was founded originally to purchase and rehabilitate Cedar Valley Memorial Gardens and the Garden of Memories Cemeteries.


Several years ago this group was approached by area pet owners who were concerned about the state of after death care for pets in the area. After thoughtful and careful planning the Genesis Group brought Memories Pet Loss Center into existence. The Memories Pet Loss Center is dedicated to treating each companion pet with compassionate, professional accountable care. We are pet owners who have experienced the sense of loss and grief that the death of a beloved pet brings about.


With the experience of Genesis Group in human loss and memorialization we have been able to develop the Cedar Valleys first full service pet loss organization. We are proud to be members of The Pet Loss Professionals Alliance. This means we follow the very highest standards for the treatment and care of deceased companion pets. Our cremation operators are trained and certified through the PLPA. We use a tracking system that ensures that your wishes for your pet are carried out. Our system gives our pet families the peace of mind knowing that if they choose private cremation they will receive the cremains (cremated remains) of their beloved pet, with no commingling.


Our families that choose communal cremation, have the peace of mind knowing that their pet has not been disposed of at the land fill or scattered on a field somewhere but is interred in our pet ossuary on the grounds of the Garden of Faithful Friends. The Ossuary has a memorial walk with memorial bricks families can purchase and as with the rest of the Garden of Faithful Friends it open during cemetery hours for visitation.


We encourage families to visit our office, crematory and pet cemetery.