Private Cremation            Your pet is placed in the crematory by themselves. After the cremation we return your pets cremains (cremated remains) to you. Our processes and procedures ensure that you will receive only the cremains of your pet. We are here to assist you with finding a lasting memorial for your pet whether it is an urn or internment of your pet’s cremains in the Garden of Faithful Friends.


Communal Cremation       Your companion and several other cherished pets are placed in the crematory together and cremated. Cremains are not returned after this process because commingling of cremains is unavoidable. The remains are placed in our ossuary in the Garden of Faithful Friends. Pet families are encouraged to visit and may purchase a memorial brick for the ossuary memorial walkway.

    Garden of Faithful Friends


Burial       Private Burials are available in the Garden of Faithful Friends. Our pet cemetery is located just to the south of the current Garden of Memories Cemetery. Pets are treated with the same respect and dignity as our human families. Our burial plots area sold and deeded just as human burial spaces are so you have the assurance that your pets resting place is permanent. All burial plots are sold with perpetual care. We have a selection of caskets and memorials available.