How do I know I am getting back my pets remains?

Whoever you choose for your pets cremation make sure to ask about their chain of custody and ask if you can see a copy of their plan.  Most reputable cremation services will not only have a plan but will also invite you to tour the facility.   

Do you provide segregated cremations?

We offer Private and Communal cremations only.  Private cremations assure pet families that they are getting only the cremains of their pet companion back.  Only one pet is placed in the cremator at a time so there is no commingling of cremains.  Communal cremations allow for several cherished pets to be cremated together.  Commingling of cremains occurs with communal cremations so no cremains are returned to the pet family.  Segregated cremations, place several pets in the cremation chamber at a time separated by fire brick or other small barriers.  In this process there is no way to ensure commingling does not occur and in fact commingling will occur.  Because of that we do not offer segregated cremations.

How do I know our pet will be treated with dignity and respect?

We are members of the Pet Loss Professional Alliance.  This membership and certification guarantees your pet will be treated with the highest level of care, respect and professionalism.  Memories Pet Loss Center is owned and operated by the Genesis Memorial Group.  This group is made up of five of the area’s leading human funeral homes and we provide our pet clients with the same level of care and respect that our human families are treated with.

Can I come and see my pet before cremation or burial?

Yes, we have a gathering room for you to come and say good-bye.  You can spend time alone or with family it is up to you and we are happy to provide this service to you.

Can I witness the cremation process?

Yes you are welcome to witness your faithful friends’ cremation.  Witnessed cremations are normally scheduled a day ahead so we are sure to give you the time and attention you deserve during the cremation process.


How am I sure your pet cemetery will be there permanently for my pet?

First of all this is the business that Memories Pet Loss Center is in and as part of the Genesis Group the focus of our entire organization is on supporting families who have experienced loss.  Our pet cemetery is set up and run the same as our two human cemeteries.  Plots are sold and deeded just the same as our human cemeteries.  We want to ensure that your pets final resting place is permanent.


How do I know that the cemetery will be taken care of?

Because we sell our pet cemetery plots like those of the human cemetery, a portion of each plot sale goes into a perpetual care fund that takes care of the maintenance of the pet cemetery.  It works exactly like our human cemeteries.