Gathering Center    Our gathering room is available for our pet families to spend some time and say last good-byes to their companion pet. Whether you want a few moments alone with your cherished friend or if you want to have a gathering of friends and family we are here to help. We can help you organize a lasting tribute for your pet.

Grief and Loss        The death of a beloved pet effects each of us in a very individual way. It is normal to feel sadness and grief. Companion pets share a special bond with us. When that bond is broken the pain we feel is very real. At times it is hard for those who have never enjoyed that special bond between pet and master to understand the emotions we feel when our companion is no longer with us. We understand, we have pets of our own and have felt the pain of losing our best friend. We are here for you. To help you on your journey through the grieving process we have a variety of resources available. We have a lending library that is available to any pet owner. We have materials and books on grief and pet loss. This is a free service and we are always looking for new resources.